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About Property Millionaire Mastermind

Property Millionaire Mastermind is a monthly networking and support group for new and experienced property investors to come together and expand their property knowledge, connect with like minded people and learn new ways to overcome challenges in their property journey.

The aim of the meeting is to problem solve together in an open and friendly environment where anyone can ask questions, gain expertise of the whole group and not just the individual.


Why Property Millionaire Mastermind?

Many people have knowledge from other networks but find it difficult to apply problems from real and actual situations.  Together we achieve more able to save time and money by gaining experience of others, learning from each other rather than  making their own mistakes. People come together not just to share property but life goals, having accountability and support to help them achieve their dreams.

Our aim each month is to provide additional knowledge via a speaker where the opportunity is given to ask questions and have a discussion around the chosen topic.  On other occasions the Property Mastermind team have designed exercises where a high level of participation is encouraged.  Some of our more experienced attendees are already involved in property development including commercial conversions, residential to HMO conversions, single buy to lets serviced accommodation and purchase lease options. Other attendees are just starting out and keen to learn fast through the network.

These meetings are an essential support to you building your confidence in all areas of property. Come along to our Mastermind Mentoring Meetings, we would love to see you!

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